Julian Assanges mamma rapporterar från stödmanifestationen i Stockholm

Solidaritetsmöte för Julian Assange. Anders Romelsjö talar.

Vi var bara drygt 20 personer som manifesterade för mänskliga rättigheter för Julian Assange och för yttrandefrihet förra lördagen vid ena ändan av Gärdet i Stockholm. Som vanligt gjorde Vania en Youtube-film som spreds på sociala medier.

Den snappades upp här och där!


Från stödmanifestationen för Julian Assange i Stockholm 13 juni.
Varför så tyst i Sverige om Julian Assange?
Frige Julian Assange – Upprop och öppet brev till Utrikesdepartementet.
Stöd Julian Assange i coronasmittat fängelse!


  1. I do not believe that Swedish citizens in general want an inquiry into why their govt smeared & perverted legal process to detain your son journalist Julian Assange for 6 years without charge, and that is why so few joins in.

    Swedish citizens in general have been brainwashed and mislead by a media, owned and controlled by the warmongers military industrial complex, so they now fokus on issues of no real importance.

    This is also the problem of your own focus, even if it is easy to understand. Focus must be World Peace against war crimes. Your son is important in this struggle, but Swedish citizens in general will not focus on him or the other heroes involved. Our citizens need a bigger cause, a cause with a brand that has not been tarnished.

    Change of tactic could do the trick. I am usually right, but nobody cares.


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